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Brief: Xbox Series S frees up more memory for developers

The latest Xbox Series S development kit allows developers to access more memory. According to Microsoft, we are talking about “hundreds of additional megabytes” that can improve the performance of games. Xbox Series S equips 10 GB of memory and developers must work with around 8 GB, since the remaining 2 GB is reserved for the operating system.

Hundreds of megabytes may not seem like much, but when it comes to memory any addition is welcome. Xbox Series S is a console capable of running games at 1440p and spends 120 FPS, but you usually go for 1080p and a lower frame rate. In part, this is due to the lower amount of memory that the console has compared to Xbox Series X (10 GB vs. 16 GB), which also equips a much more powerful GPU.

Source: TheVerge

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