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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla receives The Forgotten Saga, a free roguelike mode

Players of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will receive a free update (1.6.0) today whose main attraction is The Forgotten Saga, a new game mode inspired by the roguelike. The update, which also brings back the Sigrblót parties and introduces a series of improvements and fixes, has a weight of between 12.5 GB (PS5) and 26 GB (Xbox Series).

The Forgotten Saga takes players to the lands of Niflheimr, the realm of the dead. The one who travels there is Odin, who refuses to accept that his son Balder, the Nordic god of light and purity, is in the kingdom of darkness and darkness, a place shrouded in perpetual mist where the living they are not welcome. “This mode is inspired by the dungeon crawler genre and offers players a new challenge, as the enemies are relentless and every decision matters,” explains Ubisoft.

“The lands of Niflheimr are harsh and unforgiving,” says the French publisher. Players will travel through various regions, such as the frozen Kaldstad and the poisonous swamps of Nidheim, until they reach Hela’s castle. As you progress through these lands, Hela’s minions will attack the intruder and before you can proceed to the next area you must overcome a champion of the goddess. Each zone of Niflheimr has a unique opponent.

Trailer for The Forgotten Saga with details and tips for this mode.
As in most roguelikes, in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s The Forgotten Saga mode, death is part of the progression. Dying and trying again is the basis of this genre, as is usually giving the player a series of rewards so that with each attempt they can go a little further. In this case, each time Odin is expelled from Niflheimr he will receive aptitude points that can be used to upgrade the new skill tree to increase strength and chances of receiving weapons and runes.

Entering Niflheimr, Odin will have to leave his entire team behind and face the threats of Hela’s domain with totally random weaponry. The decisions that the player makes during his game will affect the equipment that he will receive. “To improve your chances of survival you will have to defeat enemies and get new weapons, outfits and runes through world events,” explains Ubisoft. “Odin will be able to use various runes to gain power, but he will only be able to have one weapon equipped.”

The Forgotten Saga is accessible to all players who have reached Asgard in the main game. After visiting Asgard for the first time, it will be possible to build the new building in Ravensthorpe from where the new mode is accessed. There are no power level requirements and unlocked gear and perks will not transfer across England.

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