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RGB LED in bed: is it safe? Is it worth putting? see inspirations

A lot of people end up not knowing whether or not it’s worth doing the RGB coloring in bed. Well, for those who love technology or make a point of putting LED on practically everything, you must have seen on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, finding this type of image and lots of people praising.

But is it really safe to do so? Yea! It’s completely safe as long as you do it right. Leaving bare wires or without the structure so that they stay in a place where there is wood and fabric can be extremely dangerous for the health of the people who are sleeping there, even more so because it can cause fire and skin burns.

It is recommended that you invest in a quality led to ensure that you will not run any risk of suffering some kind of accident in your home due to negligence and lack of care.

When choosing the color that will stay in your room, it is important to make sure that it matches the skin that is already dominant. That is, if you have the dominant blue color palette, it is important to make sure that the color of the LED you choose is cooler (because blue is cold) or even blue itself. This will cause more balance in all your decor.

Tips for putting RGB to bed and not regretting it

There are a few tips that have to be put into practice to ensure you won’t regret putting your RGB to bed. Below, the MEUPCNET Blog team has separated which ones they are to try to help you more on the subject.

Choose a color that is related to the environment so that there is no sort of balance afterwards. You also have to be careful as for the color type. That is, if the color that predominates in your room is cold, you do not need to choose the color favored as led, but it is crucial that you choose a led that has a cooler style color.Another tip is to be careful with the type of material you are putting on your bed. That’s because using materials that are the cheapest may not always be a viable alternative as they can strip faster even if you have mice and cockroaches at home that can chew through the wires. In addition, if you prefer to use an older yarn just to reuse it, it is important that you pass it to the around it a kind of black ribbon that will help to ensure that no one will get a shock when you pull over you catch fire when you pull over on the sheet that is there.Make use of the led strip in the whole bed. This will guarantee a lot of style. However, be careful that it doesn’t show because this can make the aesthetics stay done during the day. Another aspect that has to be highlighted is the use of threads. If you have an outlet on the side of your bed, it is essential for it to look good by not having to stretch any kind of wire and extension cord to be able to connect.

Inspirations for you to use the LED strip in bed

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