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Is RTX 4090 Ti good? See all about the graphics card and its specs

Rumors began to circulate on social networks and show that Nvidia could be planning to launch the RTX 4090 Ti in the market. However, it is important to say that it is not yet known if she is good, what her extreme expeditions are and several other aspects. One of the publications claims that it is predicted to be monstrous and will be able to run everything, being even more expensive than the RTX 3090.

In short, it is estimated that it has at least 48G 24Gbps and a frequency that is much higher. Another aspect that should be highlighted is the fact that it may consume more than 900 W . And that’s a lot of energy.

According to images that came to circulate on the assumption of what it could be, it is estimated that it has up to 16 points, making everything even more possible.

According to what is known and informed by the Adrenaline portal, it is encouraging that the board makes use of the AD103 board, with 16 GB of memory.

It is worth noting that there is little information about it and the new models are expected to be released only during the month of September or October of this year. That is, of course, if they are not extended as with previous releases.

The assumptions are that the graphics card will feature high strength and mining power. In this way, those who have BTC and Ether can now start saving money to later get one of the most robust alternatives available. we currently have on the market.

Now it is known that the new models scheduled to launch soon will have to coexist with the current RTX, which are still part of many people’s dreams. The question is: will the new models still keep coming with the 6nm manufacturing technique to reduce latency or have they achieved a technology that is even more efficient and automated?

From what is known about the current scenario, it is estimated that the monitors that will be supported will be up to 360 Hz.

RTX 4090 Ti prices

It is not yet known what is the average amount that will be charged by the institution for the sale of this type of video card.

Depending on the scenario, if the RTX 4090 Ti is not in such demand, as a way to end up with produced inventories, the company can guarantee that there will be more promotions.

Finally, it is important to point out that the amount being charged by the dollar also has a significant impact. Currently the dollar was quoted at a value of R$ 4.7. However, it could start to rise or fall depending on the results of the elections that are held in October, at the same time that more information is expected to be released.

The diary is quite varied with the conflicts taking place between Russia and Ukraine. Not to mention that Brazilian decisions regarding policy are also strong variables.

It is known that the PCI-E 5.0 power connector (12 + 4 pins or 3×8 pins with adapter) could be one of the real tests when talking about this new release. What can mean that, due to the greater investment for the development of a completely different piece, the final amount that will be charged by the institution may be more expensive than expected by consumers who were until then the target audience – those who were looking for of intermediate plates at an affordable price.

The memory that will be used also shows quite an affront. In short, they must use a technology that is even better than the RTX 3090 which is still in version 6, having a GDDR 7. It makes the latency of your games decrease while achieving even more quality in the matches.

Rumors exist since the year 2021

Rumors about this video card have not been around for now. According to a publication by Adrenaline, it is estimated that it could hit the market with 12 FANs and 48GB of VRAM, being one of the most obscure sizes ever seen in the graphics card scene. There is no doubt that she must be a monster.

Canaltech, on the other hand, states that the boards that are present to be launched will be able to count on a performance that is expected to increase by at least 120% compared to others that would have already been launched and that the manufacturing process would be being carried out about 5 nm.

However, because much of what we have on the market is running away today, some technicians say that the statements that are circulating on social networks may be wrong. And that, in this way, the real gains should not be as high as imagined.

Anyway, we still don’t know much about the release, but everyone seems to be looking forward to having it. Memes have also started to circulate on social networks in which they talk about the fact that some people will have to wait a decade from now to be able to buy. And, if the price turns out as you imagine it will, that’s exactly what can happen.

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