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Is it worth having a dedicated link? See how to use, advantages, installation and more

Is it worth having two internet links? Well, making use of the dedicated link has been an increasingly viable alternative for companies that are interested in ensuring that there will be an IP address. But why does this happen? Once you have a fixed IP address, you will be able to host the brand’s website within the company or at home. Is there anything that is better than this?

In this way, the server is faster because it will be installed in Brazil and at the same time it is guaranteed that it will only go down if your internet or energy bill also goes down. Therefore, it is also necessary to be careful about the generator, since it is extremely important to have one so that your portal does not remain offline for a long time and is harmed in ranking with Google.

The dedicated link has its advantages, such as the case of smaller oscillation since your server will not be located in another country as is the case of the United States and Portugal, having that the information pass the entire ocean and come back so that the user can access the portal.

In this article, Meu Pc Net’s blog has separated a guide that will help you understand if it’s really worth having the dedicated link and what kind of audience they are intended for. As they are more expensive, it is important to note that they are only intended for people who have intense blog traffic or who need to host something that is important and that needs to transfer information quickly.

The only disadvantage that can be mentioned about this type of technology is that in the end it ends up being more expensive because the company that supplies your internet will need to buy an IP just for you. What happened did not happen since several networks could use the same IP. And, in case you didn’t know, buying IP is not one of the cheapest things we have in the country. Some brands still demand that a spice of loyalty feels to be worth it.

1. You will have a much smaller oscillation

Precisely because the server will be in Brazil and at your company, it will not be necessary to wait long for information to be accessed and for it to arrive in Brazil. A server that is no longer of such quality and that is in another country can be very slow and, therefore, will increase your site’s bounce rates because users will tend to enter and leave on time without it fully loading.

The oscillation that happens on a much smaller scale is one of the points that should be highlighted about the benefits and benefits. be with a dedicated link. And, if you have a corporate website or something that makes money from the server, it’s important more than anything that it is always fast and stable to ensure that it doesn’t take a toll on your finances. The recommendation of having a server portal in Brazil is even more intense for brands that sell products online, since the slowness of the site can make the customer give up on the purchase.

2. you run less risk of being hacked with dedicated link

You will ensure that your brand is relying on an exclusive data transfer channel. But what does that mean? That you will have less risk of suffering from some type of invasion, even more so if what is sent inside the server has a critical and confidential characteristic.

Security is one of the points that should be highlighted regarding the dedicated link. Another aspect is that you do not run the risk of having your hosting space shared with other people: if this space is hacked, you run the risk of losing data and information while your portal may be down for a much longer time than desired.

3. Expert support

The company that will provide the IP must also have support that is specialized in ADSL technology. There are teams that will be willing to solve the problem and guarantee that your portal will be up and running without any oscillation happening that could harm its performance. This is because they have professionals who are constantly monitoring to know when something might go wrong and, in this way, correct the situation well in advance.

When you are using cable support through the more traditional ones, this is not what happens and the quality of service is not so automated. This happens because there are a greater number of customers, because of the service that is cheaper, for a team that is not always able to handle so many people to serve. This can cause the problem you are experiencing to take a much longer time than expected to be resolved at once.

4. You get access to more scalability in your dedicated link plans

Everyone knows that they don’t like having to hire a company and service and having to keep having to make updates to another plan that is bigger because that one no longer works. Is not it? Because of this, having a dedicated link will ensure that you have more scalability to increase spacing whenever it is excessive and the portal feels the need.

The stability of the signal will ensure that your quality remains at the top and that you will not experience any kind of oscillation when increasing the number of devices that can be connected to the network.

The loss of connection speed, when you have a dedicated server with a specialized link for that, is also minimal and you guarantee that you won’t have any problems with the loss of productivity on the day you need to increase the connection.

5. More productivity guarantees

Many companies need the internet to carry out many different processes that rely on the use of the internet, from making calls to even sending emails. That way, if the internet is going down or you are in a support that is dedicated to it, you will be running the risk of being a whole day with the process delayed just because you preferred to pay a little less. In the end, you will have to pay employees without them working just because you don’t have internet.

Problems that are being reported because of the slowness of the internet are quite common and harm the productivity of entire teams. And this brings a series of consequences such as the delay in project delivery and several other miscellaneous aspects.

6. Meetings without drops with dedicated link

If you have a lot of people using the internet, you still run the risk of download and upload rates being harmed and, therefore, having drops in team meetings. And, nowadays, it is already known that working through computer meetings with professionals who are at Home Office has been increasingly common.

The effect, when you are using a dedicated link, you will be guaranteeing that your internet speed will be delivered in its entirety. That is, nothing is lost along the way and, therefore, it is guaranteed that the lines will not be congested with the excess of people trying to use it.

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